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                I create functional pottery because of its ability to integrate into daily life.  People can cherish a handmade pot, use it ritualistically, and converse with it. There is an appreciation for the object's thoughtfulness and functionality that is gained from use.

                I approach making with a sense of curiosity and exploration. What happens if I push here? How does the pot react when pulled there? I love how clay is liquid enough to capture the touch of my hands and tools, yet strong enough to keep its form when manipulated. My favorite question to be asked is, "How did you make this?" As this question shows that the curiosity and exploration has been communicated to the user.

                I wood fire because I am able to approach the firing process with the same curiosity and exploration as wet clay. What if I put a pot on the floor of the kiln? How does ash react to a rough surface; what about a smooth surface? How can I fire this kiln to best emphasize the textures on my pots?  I admire the uncertainty of wood firing as it prolongs my curiosity and informs my making.

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